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Nice guys finish first

1.  We think clearly and stay focussed even under pressure

2.  We always meet commitments and keep promises, while holding ourselves accountable for
     meeting goals

3.  We are organised and careful in our work

4.  We regularly seek out fresh ideas from a wide variety of sources and are good at
     generating new  ideas

5.  We can smoothly handle multiple demands and changing priorities

6.  We like to set challenging goals and take calculated risks to reach them

7.  We are always trying to learn how to improve our performance

8.  We readily make sacrifices to meet an important organisational goal

9.   The company's mission is something we understand and identify with

10.  The values of the team influence our decisions and clarify the choices we make

11.  We pursue goals beyond what is required or expected of us

12.  Obstacles or setbacks may delay us a little, but they dont stop us

13.  Cutting through red tape and bending outdated rules are sometimes necessary

14.  We can change tactics quickly when circumstances change

15.  Pursuing new information is our best bet for cutting down on uncertainty and finding
       ways to do things better

16.  We usually dont attribute setbacks to a personal flaw (ours or someone else's)

17.  We operate from an expectation of success rather than a fear of failure