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Interior design and Refurbishment

Interior designing a home can be a challenging and time consuming job.
The Green Property Network is able to provide both a comprehensive interior design service for private clients, as well as furnishings suitable for either the private home or investment property.

Major building works present many problems and create a huge amount of mess. Often it is not feasible for homeowners to stay in the property while works are underway. Many of our clients prefer to spend time at their other addresses and allow us to oversee the work. We liaise with all contractors, managing the project from its inception right through to the final snagging. You return home to a property that is fully refurbished to your specifications, tidy and with your furnishings back in their rightful places.


When it comes to the little jobs, we all know how they can stack up and take up an entire weekend. Whether it involves putting up a shelf, hanging a picture, fixing a faulty light switch or mending a broken lock, our team will take on the items on the to-do list that cause so much strife.