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Hemp - The Trillion Dollar Super Crop

Hemp building is a time tested earth building strategy that has been applied in many parts of the world.
Recognized for it's incredible insulating ability, ease of construction, and it's natural, organic nature, hemp construction has become the premier sustainable building strategy for select architects across the world. It is a simple technique, requiring only the core fiber of the industrial hemp plant, a mixture of natural minerals, and water. When combined, a material called hempcrete is created.

Unfortunately there are very few hemp buildings in South Africa, as hemp building techniques are rarely applied due to the unavailability of building grade hemp.

Breaking ground on a historic and incredibly unique hemp building project requires the perfect balance between location, vision, and people.

hemp wall diagram

This material is non-toxic, carbon-negative, energy-efficient, adding up to what is quite possibly the most sustainable building material on the planet. This material is then cast around structural framing, creating a naturally breathable wall system.

Because this material is highly insulating, it can reduce the overall energy consumption of the building. Additionally, because hemp has the ability to take an incredible amount of CO2 out of our atmosphere during its growth, it can lend to carbon negative and carbon neutral materials. This means that the material itself sequesters more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere then the production of the material displaces.
Currently, there is incredible momentum in bringing Industrial Hemp back to South africa.

Many Farmers recognize that hemp is a fibrous plant with an estimated 25,000 uses, ultimately helping bolster the economy with a new raw material feedstock.

Our mission transcends just hemp building.
It is about restoring the South African agricultural Industry, strengthening the economy, and lowering the impact of the built environment. It's about looking to our past for the answers to our future. It is about a healthier, cleaner planet.

If you support this campaign, we will keep you in the loop of all progress made thanks to your help. You'll be able to see this building come to life as we document the journey. Also, as a contributor to our campaign, you'll receive some awesome rewards!


We mentioned that this project is part of a much larger vision. In brief, our vision is to create a proprietary hempcrete binding matrix that is sourced and sold locally. Any and all extra funds will go to research, development, and prototyping this concept. We have already made significant strides in this direction, it's just a matter of having the financial backing.