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Cooking with gas

Research shows that discerning Greenbuilding consumers prefer to use the web when searching for property. The internet provides a safe, transparent and non threatening environment to consumers when making property decisions.
Greenbuilding enthusiasts may now deal with property transactions from the comfort of their PC's, where they may even obtain important information about the municipality under whose jurisdiction their property resides.

The GPN also provides  real estate services to companies developing and implementing clean technologies.
With a diverse skill set, we can provide end-to-end solutions with proven results in a rapidly changing and growing industry.

South African properties are being exposed to Functional obsolescence at an alarming rate. Research from global leaders like Jones, Lang lasalle (
http://www.joneslanglasalle.eu) confirm that even the portfolios of listed properties are at risk.

We  work with existing Private and Public stakeholders in guiding them towards sustainable solutions, as well as new companies developing technologies that will change our future.